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Introduction to Cloud Computing Why Cloudcomputing? Benefits of Cloudcomputing Introduction to AWS Setting up of AWSaccount AWS free tier- Limits andusages Introduction to AWS ManagementConsole Elastic compute cloud Essentials Regions and availabilityzones Amazon MachineImages Pricing Model in EC2Instances Deciding between on-demand instances, spot instances,reserved instances, scheduled instances& dedicatedHosts. EC2 Reserved instances MarketPlace EC2 Instances Building EC2 windows & LinuxInstances Working with SecurityGroups Assigning ElasticIP’s Creating your ownAMI PlacementGroups Elastic Block Store (EBS) Creating and deletingVolumes Attaching and detaching volumes and increasing the volumesize Mounting and un-mounting the attachedvolume Creatingsnapshots Elastic Load Balancer Creating a LoadBalancer Internal and External LoadBalancer Security groups for the loadBalancer Configure health check for the LoadBalancer Adding multiple instance for the LoadBalancer Cross zone LoadBalancing ConnectionDraining Auto Scaling Creating and deletingVolumes Attaching and detaching volumes and increasing the volumesize Mounting and un-mounting the attachedvolume Creatingsnapshots Simple Storage Service (S3) Creating and deletingbuckets Adding objects intobuckets Getting objects and deletingobjects Creation of Static website using S3Storage Working with permissions ofS3 Life-cycles inS3 Glacier Storage CreatingVaults Accessing the Glacier Vault usingtools Using Glacier forbackups Retrievalperiod Identity and Access Management Creation of User accounts in AWS Setting up Multi factorAuthenticatio Roles inIAM Groups inIAM Delegation of permission forusers Creation of custom polices fordelegation Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Creating a NewVPC Subnets & RouteTables ACL & SecurityGroups Creation of InternetGateway Connecting to instances in thegateway VPN & DirectConnect Amazon Route 53 Hosted Zones Records Failover usingRoute53 Algorithms Rational Database Service (RDS) Discussion on types of Databases available in AWS Creating DatabaseEngine onfiguring DatabaseEngine Redshift Multi-AZconfiguration Setting up automaticbackup’s Cloud Watch Monitoring the AWS Service HealthDashboard Debugging Cloud relatedissues Getting Statistics for specific EC2Instance Metrics for other AWS services and relatednamespaces Setting upnotifications Simple Notification Service Creation oftopic Subscribing to topic viaemail Setting notification for EC2 instancechanges Simple Queue Service Creation ofQueue Sending messages to thequeue Setting SNS toSQS Retrieving messages fromSQS s Simple Email Service Setting up emaildomain Limits ofSES Test EmailSetup Cloud Formation Building AWS infrastructure as acode Utilization of sampletemplates ntroduction toJSon

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