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Session - 1
1-Introduction of Integeration
2-Introduction of Web Services
Why we use web serviceas? Characteristics of Web Services Types of Web Services Session - 2 Introduction to programmatic Integrations Introduction to response formats Hybrid cloud JSON JSON Introduction JSON Classes in salesforce Prety format JSON Generator Class JSON Serialization JSON Parser JSON Deserialize JSON Deserialize Strict JSON Deserialize UnType Project Scenarios Session - 3 XML Classes in Salesforce Introduction to XML Introduction to DOM XML Generators XML Parser HTTP Callouts What is HTTP Callouts? When to HTTP Callouts? What is the difference between HTTP and HTTPS Protocols? Salesforce HTTP classes HTTP Classes HTTP Request HTTP response and response codes HTTp with Blobs HTTP with Document Remote Site Settings in salesforce API Based Introduction Integeration with youtube Fetching the videos from youtube and displaying as Playlist API Integeration with UTRACE API Integeration with Salesforce to external system integeration with API(Pin Codes) Session - 4 Rest API what is Stateful protocol and when to use? What is Stateless Protocol and When to use? Introduction Rest API When to use Rest API What are the advantage of Rest API? Disadvantages of Rest API? Authorization Introduction What is the difference between the Oauth 1.0 and OAuth 2.0? What are different types of OAuth 2.0 Authorization? Web - Server Authorization using Username Password Salesforce to Salesforce Integeration with Rest API performing DML operation on Subject using Rest API Code Based Authorization Salesforce to Salesforce Integeration with Rest API Salesforce to Integeration with Rest API Salesforce to LinkedIn Integeration with Rest API Salesforce to Twitter Integeration with Rest API Test Classes for Webservices Salesforce Governing Limits for Rest API Session - 5 SOAP API What is SOAP API? When to use SOAP API Advantages And Disadvantages SOAP vs Rest API WSDL Types of WSDL Elements Types of WSDL in Salesforce Enterprice WSDL Partner WSDL APEX WSDL MetaData WSDL Introduction to TOOLING WSDL How to create a WSDL files in salesforce? How to Generate APEX from WSDL file? How to Generate WSDL from APEX class? Converting Multiport WSDL files to Single Ports Debugging Skills on WSDL consumption Salesforce to JAVA using SOAP API Salesforce to .NET using SOAP API SAP WSDL consumption in salesforce Sieble WSDL consumption in Salesforce MS Dynamics WSDL Consumption in salesforce Java WSDL Consumption in Salesforce Net WSDL COnsumption in Salesforce salesforce to salesforce using SOAP API Chatter API Streaming API Lightening Session - 6 MetaData WSDL Creating SObjects from External systems Creating Sobject Fields from External Systems Apex WSDL Create Apex Class Using SOAP Create Trigger Using SOAP Create Trigger Using SOAP One Way Hand Shake Two Way Hand Shake Introduction to SSL & TLS certificate Chatter API What is Chatter API? Introduction to Chatter with API Introduction to Chatter with REST API? What are the Chatter REST API Resources? Example of Chatter API 7. Streaming API What is Streaming API? What is Salesforce Streaming API? How does Streaming API works? What is Push and Pull Technology? Overview of Push and Pull Technology? Example of Salesforce Streaming API.

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